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Jenni wanted to just say hi~ by pixie-tree Jenni wanted to just say hi~ by pixie-tree
Jennifer Hayes

Nickname(s): Jenni, Jen
Age: 24
Sex:  Female
Gender:  female
Species: Human
Sexual Orientation: Demi-panromantic 
Relationship Status: single

Height • Weight:  5'6• 70kg/154lbs
Eye Colour: Green
Hair Colour: Naturally blonde with pinkish-orange dyed ends
Skin Tone: Peachy-pale with a warm undertone
Body Type: Coke-bottle 
Prominent Feature(s): Amputated arm, wicked eyeliner.
Piercing(s): Naval
Tattoo(s)/Marking(s): A salmon patch(stork bite) on the back of her neck, no tattoos 
Personality : 
Motherly | Playful | Outgoing | Empathetic | Optimistic | Independent |

Jenni lost her arm at a young age, so she learned to deal with only having one arm for most of her life. She grew up to be very independent because of her father. He knew that though Jenni had this disability she should still be able to live a normal life. Jenni was taught that being happy was the key to a good life. Her father taught her to treat others well and that in the end she would have good come her way. 
She has always loved making new friends, and grew to be known as the 'mom' of her friends. Jenni is up for almost anything, as long as she knows it won't seriously harm anyone. 

Likes : 
+ Hot Tubs
+Finger Painting

Dislikes : 
+Being treated like she can't do anything
+Cold Weather
+Long Sleeves
+Being Pitied 

~Jenni hates when people don't let her doing things because she only has one arm. 
~She will eat just about anything(unless it is meat)
~Jenni is a vegetarian! 
~Hates going shopping.
~Buys most of her clothes online. 
~Hates jeans/leggings. They are hard for her to pull up and fold. 
~Almost always wears either strapless tops or ones with thin straps. 
~Lost her arm after getting in a car crash. Her mothers car was totaled and Jenni's arm was almost severed off. The hospital tried to save Jenni's arm, but it ended up getting a severe infection. The only thing they could do for it was amputate it. Jenni doesn't remember what happened after the car crash or her surgery. 
~Jenni lost her mother in the crash and moved in with her step-dad.(He helped raise her since she was 4, so she has never really referred to him as her step dad). 
Fluffpuff-Penguin Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
Hi, Jenni:wave:
pixie-tree Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
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